July 7, 2013

UPDATED - Alpha needs strong leaders

Alpha's corrupt council members (Carol Schwar, Mike Schwar, Lou Cartabona, Mike Savary and Craig Dunwell) complain to our town's mayor and attorney that they dislike public opinion of their actions and don't want citizens discussing any of it online.

Imagine a town where the mayor and attorney advise corrupt council to behave and mind their actions, to better represent Alpha so that public opinion becomes positive.

Alpha needs strong leaders who are sensitive to our taxpayers' needs, not to bullies.

UPDATED - 7/18/13

Alpha's Honorable Mayor, Ed Hanics, cannot legally discipline corrupt council members for behavior he doesn't witness.

We've received countless tips that Municipal Attorney, Christopher Troxell, "was a threat to Craig Dunwell", and that "Dunwell told numerous Alpha residents he hoped to replace Troxell with a friend."

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