August 8, 2013

Who will replace Mike Savary?

Residents anxiously await news on Mike Savary's trial today.
There's been a lack of transparency on council since Savary and his buddy, Craig Dunwell, got involved in Alpha politics.
Craig Dunwell's reasons for costly construction projects are suspicious.

Residents discussed Dunwell's projects on and

Alpha demands a just and caring council!

Residents protested council persons Mike Savary, Craig Dunwell, Carol Schwar, Mike Schwar and Lou Cartabona during the Alpha Fire Department's 100th Anniversary Parade.
Local officials have expressed concerns that Savary is "controlled" by Dunwell, Cartabona and the Schwars.

Craig Dunwell, Carol Schwar and former councilman, Chris Pfefferle, desperately wanted Mike Savary to be re-elected in 2012. Residents suspect the reasons behind their campaign for Savary's re-election were for self-gain, cover-ups, and continued control of council votes.

The flip side of Mike Savary's 2012 campaign letter reads: "Help us continue the progress by voting for Mike Savary."  - Signed by Craig Dunwell, Chris Pfefferle and Carol Schwar.

If Mike Savary is forced to finally resign from council, honorable and beloved Councilman, Harry Zikas Jr., will nominate 3 Democrats to replace Savary.

Tom Seiss, T. Cortelyou and Tracy Grossman are running for town council this year. Zikas may select Grossman or Seiss as a nominee, as they are both Democrats. Cortelyou is a Republican, running as an Independent.

Two candidates must continue to run in the November election. Mike Schwar, who was appointed to replace Chris Pfefferle, is not trusted by our town, and his "re-election" would threaten attempts to fight corruption on council.

Craig Dunwell is also up for re-election, and residents are publicly sharing all the reasons why we must vote against him.

Dunwell received terrible feedback on his campaign against his neighbor, T. Cortelyou, and an emergency volunteer, Colton Sherman, last November.

Dunwell confused voters by distributing the 2-sided letter full of defamation and libelous statements against Sherman, Cortelyou, and his wife, who never ran for council and had no involvement in politics.

Residents shared their disgust with Dunwell's bullying tactics:

Mike Savary, Chris Pfefferle and Carol Schwar perilously wished to sabotage council candidates, T. Cortelyou and Colton Sherman. All 3 supported Craig Dunwell's decision to distribute the bizarre campaign letter against the two residents. In the letter, Dunwell claimed Cortelyou took a photo of Dunwell drinking while attending to council duties. Dunwell also made false claims about Cortelyou's wife. Dunwell brought attention to the Cortelyou family's struggle to keep Jerry and Linda Paetzell from trespassing on their property, and from trespassing on neighboring properties to look into their yard. (Jerry Paetzell has a history of looking in windows on the Cortelyou property and has been added to a special police listing due to his actions.) An attorney advised T. Cortelyou that suing Craig Dunwell for defamation and harassment was pointless, because Dunwell could claim he didn't create or distribute the letter.

A Facebook user remembers the confusing letter Dunwell distributed to voters.

"Does anyone else find it creepy that Dirty Dunwell put an in shape shirtless young man on his campaign literature?" - @AlphaNJLIVE on Dunwell's use of Colton Sherman's shirtless Facebook photo for Dunwell's 2012 campaign letter against Sherman.

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