September 21, 2011

When Craig Dunwell and his relatives can't win, they lie and cheat

Last week we received tips that Diane Hoffman, aunt of Councilman Craig Dunwell, attempted to incriminate Save Alpha supporters. We don't take her attacks very seriously, as she has a terrible local reputation and always leaves ridiculous evidence of her behavior anytime she acts out against the Save Alpha campaign or its supporters.

We found the following "complaint" posted on the IP address query website,

Anytime Craig Dunwell or his relatives defame a Save Alpha supporter, it is simple to have their posts removed from the Internet.

We received additional tips that Hoffman was using her public Twitter account to post images of an email that she was claimed was associated with her "complaint".

The following is a journey into the world of Delusion. When Craig Dunwell and his relatives cannot win, they lie and they cheat. (And if you are familiar with local Alpha news, they sometimes steal pizza...



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  1. In addition to the above evidence it is helpful to go to Diane's dating website to open an account for yourself and then view the email that you will receive from the company. The email to you WILL NOT include your IP address.


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