September 27, 2011

Taxpayers' Opinions - What does Craig Dunwell have to offer to Alpha, NJ?

Craig Dunwell’s bid for mayor on the Republican ticket is shocking to those who are familiar with his reputation. Residents complain that Dunwell is known for his out-of-control public drinking, his "inability to retain steady employment", and of course "endless police intervention" at the residence where he lives, a home owned by Joan Dunwell, described as "Craig Dunwell's elderly mother".

Currently assumed to be unemployed, Craig Dunwell has a history of "living off the income of his wife", as residents express. Joan Dunwell is said to often assist her son financially, and loans him her yard tools and vehicles. It is believed that Craig Dunwell eats most of his meals at his mother's, as he may be unable to purchase groceries regularly. Both Dunwell’s wife and mother are said to seem sadly affected by the strain of "supporting Craig Dunwell and his expensive drinking habit". Alpha residents often comment on the "shamefulness" of Dunwell’s personal lifestyle.

Craig Dunwell seems to be unpleasant person in general. He does not get along with his neighbors and disrespects most of Alpha’s beloved officials and town employees. He is often described as self-indulgent. Dunwell is also described as argumentative, lacking common sense, and "unable to see the greater picture". He simply does not obtain the characteristics necessary to properly represent our town as mayor. 

Craig Dunwell seems to be addicted to power and control, without which he seems to feel exposed to his possible feelings of inferiority, inadequacy and worthlessness. Dunwell would surely abuse his role as mayor by using the position for self-serving dysfunction. Craig Dunwell would most likely act out against town employees and residents he despises. He is said to be "incapable of representing Alpha’s best interests".

Just days before leaving for his annual visit to Ukraine, in late August 2011, Councilman Craig Dunwell reported his own neighbor for having a couch on the street for pickup. Dunwell’s neighbor suffers from back pain, yet did his best to place the couch in an appropriate and safe area for pick up. He and his family thought that someone may have wanted the couch before it would be collected for pick up, as it was a nice piece of furniture with little wear. None of the other neighbors on 7th Avenue found issue with the couch, just Craig Dunwell.  In addition, this is common and acceptable practice on 7th Avenue, as most residents leave house hold items or furniture by the street “for free” and the act is appreciated by drivers passing through as most “free” items are scooped up within hours. 

In September of 2011, Councilman Craig S. Dunwell's aunt, Diane Hoffman, used one of her public blogs to describe her nephew as being "a neighbor who just wants the neighborhood to look more presentable, and not that of the Hatfield and McCoy clan." Is Dunwell running for mayor to clean up Alpha, an already tidy town? If so we can surely expect difficulties, as he would surely use his clout as mayor to harass local citizens who he does not care for due to personal grudges. It is said that Craig Dunwell has many grudges against countless people in Alpha.

When dealing with a snow-clearing issue during winter, Craig Dunwell referred to a man who was working to assist Alpha in clearing snow as “a Mexican”, using a hate-filled tone. The Dunwell family has a history of publicly sharing racist opinions. Alpha is a diverse town and this type of behavior demonstrated by a mayor would be very dangerous, as Alpha does not tolerate racism.

On 9/10/11 Craig Dunwell’s only known supporter, a neighbor and family friend who resides on 7TH Avenue, used her personal public Facebook account to spread racist hate propaganda: “Egyptians next door and Satan 2 doors down and tomorrow is 911 oh happy day.” Craig Dunwell’s aunt, Diane Hoffman, publicly responded in agreement: “It is sinful what is going on in our old stomping grounds. I would find it very hard to live there now!!! Very hard!!!”

A respected local source has information regarding Craig Dunwell "not being wanted on the Republican ticket." Republicans do not feel Dunwell "properly represents any party’s best interests" as he is "an embarrassment", and is incapable of being a good mayor to Alpha, NJ.

Being a seemingly unsympathetic and uncaring person, Craig Dunwell often causes arguments to protect himself from a perceived ego threat, solely to protect his own self-esteem. This behavior has been witnessed on numerous occasions.  For example, Dunwell will point fingers at respected local authority figures in an obviously jealous attempt to deflect negative attention from his own misconduct. Craig Dunwell often uses news reporter, David Foster, (AKA Chicken Reporter) to write slanted stories filled with bizarre negative statements against Harry Zikas Jr. and Councilman Alex Zikas, both whom Dunwell feels threatened by.

Councilman Dunwell is very comfortable pushing people around to get his way. On 7/12/11 Dunwell was reprimanded for his ongoing disrespectful behavior to a fellow councilwoman, Klara Tarsi. Town employees are constantly "disgusted with his actions". Dunwell is known to use bullying tactics and intimidation to achieve his agenda. Alpha does not feel these are proper traits for any mayor.

On the afternoon of 6/25/11, during Alpha's 100th Celebration, Councilman Dunwell took his aunt, Diane Hoffman, and numerous family members, including children, to trespass on the Crouse family’s private property to take photos of their yard, vehicles and home. The mob leaned on Tom Crouse’s truck and posed for photos in front of the family’s large front window while Heidi Crouse was seated inside. Diane Hoffman shouted to Heidi Crouse that she wanted her to smile for the camera. A police report for harassment was filed at 7pm that night. Councilman Craig Dunwell and his relatives have been harassing the Crouse family and their private daycare business since Dunwell moved into his mother’s home on 7th Avenue.

On the morning of 8/19/11, Councilman Craig Dunwell was seen by numerous witnesses who said he was searching for something. These local residents closely watched Dunwell while he was "looking for something or someone". He paced the streets and alleys on foot and also franticly drove his car, clearly combing the neighborhood where he resides. This went on until approximately 1:30pm when 3 roosters were dumped at the neighboring Crouse residence. Dunwell then invited slanted news journalist, David Foster, (AKA Chicken Reporter) to trespass on the neighboring private daycare storage area where Dunwell was already feeding tomatoes to the roosters he had apparently arranged to be dumped on the Crouse’s private property. The mysterious roosters were described as Japanese Silkies, show chickens featuring beautiful feathers. Dunwell and Foster were overheard discussing plans to create a news story about the Crouse family daycare being an illegal chicken farm.  Brian Wistuk, a thriving business owner who is rarely home during the week, was strangely available that day to alert Craig Dunwell that the roosters had appeared in the Crouse’s backyard storage area. Brian Wistuk’s involvement in the rooster-dumping was suspect, as he alerted Dunwell of the mysterious roosters instead of speaking to his immediate neighbors, the Crouse family, or to the local authorities.

Wistuk’s young daughter even provided a strange statement to Foster:

"I was helping my dad and I heard a car door and I went to check," resident Chelsea Wistuk said. "It was a silver car with Pennsylvania license plates. The person drove away and I saw the roosters in the road."

At 1:29 pm that same day Craig Dunwell’s out of work, Pennsylvania resident aunt, Diane Hoffman, posted on her public blog:

"My Mother Bought A Chicken and it wouldn't lay an egg, so she poured hot water up and down it's leg, oh the little Chickie squawked, and the little Chickie begged, and the little Chickie laid a hardboiled egg.” 

Foster’s story was posted online the following day, clearly altered from the original intention to write of an illegal farm.  Foster quoted Dunwell stating:

"I grabbed cherry tomatoes from my garden to keep them on her (Crouse's) side of the property line."

Craig Dunwell did not contact authorities regarding the roosters. Instead it was David Foster who Dunwell invited to the Crouse’s property where he so comfortably trespassed even after being asked to leave. Authorities ended Dunwell’s insane attack on his neighbors, the Crouse family, by taking him for a ride, after which Dunwell was visibly enraged.

Councilman Dunwell can't seem to succeed without codependents that do whatever he needs, working beyond healthy and ethical limits. Dunwell clearly depends on his aunt, Diane Hoffman, to assist him with his constant unethical actions. Hoffman even publicly credits herself for her misconduct.

In August of 2011, Councilman Craig Dunwell was involved in the theft of campaign signage against his bid for mayor. Alpha residents wondered why he felt so threatened by the flyers. Dunwell had begun an attack against the campaign by harassing local utility pole owners in an attempt to have the signage removed from Alpha’s view. He enlisted the help of his aunt, Diane Hoffman, to phone in numerous complaints from her Pennsylvania home. Councilman Dunwell even begged our good mayor for help, claiming the flyers would somehow damage our mayor’s chance to be re-elected by a town which adores him. Signage featured statements such as “Do not support Craig Dunwell, Re-Elect Ed Hanics” and “Do not support Craig Dunwell, AKA 25 Cent.” 25 Cent is a familiar handle used for Dunwell by those who know of his long history of acting out against local town employees. Not long ago he had verbally attacked a town clerk over the cost of copies being 25 cents per sheet. When he refused to pay for his copies his elderly mother had to step in to pay.

More recently signage against Dunwell’s bid for mayor stated “Do not support Craig Dunwell” with colorful graphics of onion rings and beer to reflect a well-known story of Dunwell’s public display of rage during an important town event. On 6/26/11, during Alpha's 100th Celebration, Councilman Dunwell verbally abused a young child serving Celebration guests at a food stand over the cost of $2.50 onion rings. Dunwell's elderly mother joined in, bullying the food stand attendant. The child’s mother was present and ended the attack. Dunwell was described by onlookers as “drunk and smelling of beer”. Craig Dunwell felt entitled to more onion rings for less money than everyone else at the Celebration. His behavior was also witnessed by an esteemed Alpha town councilwoman, Klara Tarsi, and our respected and beloved mayor, Ed Hanics.

Craig Dunwell does not have the proper attitude to be mayor. During the planning discussions for sharing our municipal building with Pohatcong Township before their building renovations began, Dunwell focused on the increased cost of toilet paper and paper towels. Dunwell’s Alpha-related concerns are usually viewed as laughable or aggravating.

Craig Dunwell is described as "not personable". Witnesses viewed Dunwell attack Jim Kern prior to Kern becoming Pohatcong Township’s mayor during a debate session while Kern was greeting participants. Dunwell lashed out, demanding answers to questions that didn’t quite make sense at the time. Onlookers described the assault as “inappropriate timing” and “rude”.

Countless Alpha citizens and town employees have witnessed Dunwell’s well-known rage. On numerous occasions he has responded to random situations with his dangerous temper which is a red flag to all voters. A mayor must be level headed and in control of his own emotions, not hot-headed and feeling entitled to act out against others without a grip on his behavior.

Craig Dunwell is a public nuisance. He constantly endangers private citizens. On the morning of 7/8/11 he attempted to hit a woman and child with his car while in an apparent drunken rage.  Numerous police reports have been filed regarding Dunwell’s frightening actions. Local authorities are constantly on the lookout for him as he is known to drive his car after drinking heavily in public. Dunwell's vehicles often have what friends describe as "severe damage from drinking and driving accidents."

In July of 2011, Dunwell began hounding our local police station in an attempt to collect records of countless police reports filed against him by local residents in 2010 and 2011. Dunwell is aware that he will be attending court for vandalizing the Crouse family’s property on numerous occasions and seems afraid to face the consequences of his unethical and possibly illegal actions.

Councilman Craig S. Dunwell has demonstrated that his character and personal agenda is inappropriate, making him incapable to properly represent the best intentions of Alpha, NJ. Dunwell has let Alpha voters down time and time again, clearly abusing the power gained by his position in council.

"If you want to test a man's intelligence, give him power" - Liu Tzu

Please do not support Dunwell’s bid for mayor.  Together we can Save Alpha!

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