April 4, 2012

The State of NJ VS Councilman Craig S. Dunwell - 2C:33 4A - Disorderly Persons Offense/Harassment

Councilman Craig S. Dunwell has been harassing his neighbors, the Crouse family, since he moved into his mother's home. Dunwell has vandalized their property and endangered the Crouse family as well as Alpha residents and their children attending the Crouse family private daycare.

Craig Dunwell has not acted alone in targeting the Crouse family and their business. He has had help from Councilman Mike Savary and the Savary family, reporter David Foster, Mike Stasak, and Dunwell's family.

Dunwell was originally scheduled to appear in Alpha Borough Municipal Court, but he claimed there was a conflict of interest. Court dates have been scheduled at numerous locations, all of which have also been changed due to conflict of interest and/or Dunwell's constant harassment of the courts. Most recently Dunwell's pending harassment case has been moved to Hackettstown, but all of Alpha is wondering what will happen next.

On 12/2/11 the hearing was transferred to Greenwich Municipal Court.

On 1/23/12 the hearing was transferred to the Phillipsburg Municipal Court.

On 2/9/12 the hearing was transferred to White Twp. Municipal Court - No image available.

On 2/24/12 the hearing was transferred to Knowlton Municipal Court.

On 3/9/12 the hearing was transferred to Hackettstown Municipal Court.

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