April 16, 2012

The State of NJ VS Councilman Craig S. Dunwell - Harassment

2C:33 4A - Disorderly Persons Offense/Harassment

Councilman Craig S. Dunwell has been harassing his neighbors, the Crouse family, since he moved into his mother's home in 2009. Dunwell has vandalized their property and endangered the Crouse family as well as Alpha residents and their children attending the Crouse family private daycare countless times over the past few years.

Craig Dunwell has not acted alone in targeting the Crouse family and their business. He has had help from Councilman Mike Savary and the Savary family, reporter David Foster, Mike Stasak, and Dunwell's family.

Dunwell's case was originally scheduled to appear in Alpha Borough Municipal Court, but he claimed there was a conflict of interest. Court dates have been scheduled at numerous locations, all of which have also been changed due to conflict of interest and/or Dunwell's constant harassment of the courts. Most recently Dunwell's pending harassment case has been moved to Hackettstown.

Transferred Court Dates:

On 12/2/11 the hearing was transferred to Greenwich Municipal Court.
On 1/23/12 the hearing was transferred to the Phillipsburg Municipal Court.
On 2/9/12 the hearing was transferred to White Twp Municipal Court.
On 2/24/12 the hearing was transferred to Knowlton Municipal Court.
On 3/9/12 the hearing was transferred to Hackettstown Municipal Court.

Craig Dunwell's original focus on the Crouse family seemed to be related to parking:

In 2009 Dunwell wanted to park in front of the Crouse home but was warned that he was trespassing. Dunwell also attempted to park at 1156 but was warned that he was disrupting business parking for the Crouse family daycare.

Dunwell has use of his (mother's) driveway which has been seen to comfortably hold three full sized vehicles, as well as a very large stretch of Seventh Avenue which is on the same side as his residence, and is rarely used for parking by other neighbors.

(On each occasion when Dunwell parks/dumps cars at 1156  and 1167 there has been ample parking available at his own residence or along his residence on his side of the street.)

Angry that he could not have his way, Dunwell attempted to have the Crouse family's daycare investigated, hoping it would be closed.

In 2011 his aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, assisted him in harassing the family. She posted negative statements regarding the Crouse family daycare online on her public blogs and Facebooks and Twitters. Her daughters, Jamiann Regensburger and Jennifer Odell, also assisted their cousin, Craig Dunwell, in harassing the Crouses. If you would like to view hard copies of screen shots demonstrating Craig Dunwell's family harassing the Crouse family online, please contact Heidi Crouse at the number listed at the bottom of this post, she has countless copies showing the Dunwells' obvious hatred.

Brief Recent Timeline of Councilman Craig S. Dunwell's Unethical Behavior - Targeting the Crouse Family for Harassment:

On 6/10/11 Craig Dunwell vandalized the Crouse family's hedges by cutting them down to the roots so that the leaves would not grow back. When police arrived Dunwell was heard loudly yelling at the officer "I know why you are here and I can cut the bushes! She should get an attorney and build a fence!" Dunwell was also quoted saying that bushes belong in the woods, and he told the officer to get off his (mother's) property. Also on 6/10/11 Craig Dunwell's mother, Joan Dunwell, drove toward Heidi Crouse and almost hit Heidi Crouse with her car while Heidi was videotaping the damage to the hedges. During this time Craig Dunwell and his wife, Luda Nazarenko, were inside the residence with their windows open. Craig Dunwell is on tape yelling "Hit the fat cow" and Luda responds warning Craig that they are being taped. Heidi Crouse has this tape in her possession and would be happy to show it to anyone who may be interested.

On the morning of 6/25/11, during Alpha's 100th Celebration, Councilman Dunwell took numerous photos of the Crouse family's residence. After doing so Councilman Mike Savary yelled for him to get in his car and they sped off.  On the afternoon of 6/25/11, during Alpha's 100th Celebration, Councilman Dunwell took his aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, and numerous family members, including children, to trespass on the Crouse family’s private property to take photos of their yard, vehicles and home. The Dunwell clan leaned on Tom Crouse’s truck and posed for photos in front of the family’s large front window while Heidi Crouse was seated inside. Craig Dunwell and his family were quoted saying "Smile for the camera" to Heidi Crouse as she sat inside her home. A police report for harassment was filed at 7pm that night.

On 7-13-11 Craig Dunwell was spotted spraying weed killer on the roots of the Crouse family's hedges. When he was caught he began to spray his own (mother's) lawn instead. Each spot where he sprayed the substance the grass turned brown. Dunwell killed all of the grass in the side yard and later spread mulch over it to hide the damage. The mulch can still be seen on his (mother's) property today.

On 7-14-11 Councilman Mike Savary and Craig Dunwell illegally blocked traffic on Seventh Avenue while using a huge tractor to deliver a small amount of mulch to Dunwell's side yard to hide the dead lawn. Both Councilmen yelled profanity at the Crouse family and daycare parents during this incident.

In July of 2011 Dunwell began hounding our local police station in an attempt to collect records of countless police reports filed against him by local residents in 2010 and 2011. Dunwell is aware that he will be attending court for vandalizing the Crouse family’s property on numerous occasions and clearly is afraid to face the consequences of his illegal actions.

On 8/17/11 Craig Dunwell had Mike Stasak over and Stasak parked at the Crouse family's house, blocking their entrance during daycare business hours. When Heidi Crouse asked him to move his vehicle and equipment from her property he told her to "F-CK OFF!"

On the morning of 8/19/11 Councilman Craig Dunwell was seen by numerous witnesses who said he was searching for something. These local residents closely watched Dunwell while he was looking for something or someone. He paced the streets and alleys on foot and also franticly drove his car, clearly combing the neighborhood where he resides. This went on until approximately 1:30 pm when 3 roosters were dumped at the neighboring Crouse residence. Dunwell then invited slanted news journalist David Foster to trespass on the neighboring private daycare storage area where Dunwell was already feeding tomatoes to the roosters he had apparently arranged to be dumped on the Crouse’s private property. The mysterious roosters were described as Japanese Silkies, show chickens featuring beautiful feathers. Dunwell and Foster were overheard discussing plans to create a news story about the Crouse family daycare being an illegal chicken farm.  Brian Wistuk, a thriving business owner who is rarely home during the week, was strangely available that day to alert Craig Dunwell that the roosters had appeared in the Crouse’s backyard storage area. Brian Wistuk’s involvement in the rooster-dumping was suspect as he alerted Dunwell of the mysterious roosters instead of speaking to his immediate neighbors, the Crouse family, or the local authorities. Wistuk’s young daughter even provided a strange statement to Foster: "I was helping my dad and I heard a car door and I went to check," resident Chelsea Wistuk said. "It was a silver car with Pennsylvania license plates. The person drove away and I saw the roosters in the road." At 1:29 pm that same day Craig Dunwell’s  Pennsylvania resident aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, posted on her public blog: ‎"My Mother Bought A Chicken and it wouldn't lay an egg, so she poured hot water up and down it's leg, oh the little Chickie squawked, and the little Chickie begged, and the little Chickie laid a hardboiled egg.”  Foster’s story was posted online the following day, clearly altered from the original intention to write of an illegal farm.  Foster quoted Dunwell stating: "I grabbed cherry tomatoes from my garden to keep them on her (Crouse's) side of the property line." Dunwell did not contact authorities regarding the roosters. Instead it was David Foster who Dunwell invited to the Crouse’s property where he so comfortable trespassed even after being asked to leave. Authorities ended Dunwell’s insane attack on his neighbors, the Crouse family, by taking him for a ride, after which Dunwell was visibly enraged. Please note - all events of that day are posted/time stamped on Facebook and Twitter.

In September of 2011 Councilman Craig S. Dunwell's aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, used her public blog to describe her nephew as being "a neighbor who just wants the neighborhood to look more presentable, and not that of the Hatfield and McCoy clan."

On 10-30-11 Craig Dunwell vandalized the Crouse family hedges again, for the 5th or 6th time.

On the morning of 11/3/11 Councilman Craig Dunwell stood in the street while speaking with a neighbor, and publicly ranted about the Pohatcong Police. He screamed that the police force should follow his instructions and tell the Crouse family to "shut their mouths" regarding his illegal and unethical behavior since 2010.  Dunwell also openly plotted to file false reports against the Crouse family's dog and to cut down their hedges again.

On 2/8/12 Councilmen Savary and Dunwell sat in front of the Crouse residence, pointing at Heidi Crouse and watching her.

On 3/2/12 Councilman Mike Savary swerved at Heidi Crouse's vehicle while it was parked in front of her house on her property. Savary was seen adjusting his rear view mirror to watch Heidi Crouse as he raced off.

On 3-14-12 Heidi Crouse's daughter, Karissia Crouse, was almost hit by Craig Dunwell while he was driving Pete Savary's vehicle which had been parked on the lawn of 1156 7th Avenue for several weeks. Pete Savary is Mike Savary's brother. Craig Dunwell had arranged to have the rusty old car dumped on 7th Avenue to take up taxpayers' parking spaces and to disrupt business parking for the Crouse family.

Dunwell often dumps vehicles at 1156 and police have managed to convince him to move the vehicles to his own (mother's) property in the past. Craig Dunwell openly slanders Pohat PD and is not a supporter of the police force. It is believed that Pohatcong Township PD's contract is up in the air due to Dunwell and Savary tampering with the contract's renewal.

Craig Dunwell continues to harass the Crouse family and their daycare patrons and children. For more information please call Heidi Crouse at (908) 235-1133 and Karissia Crouse at (908)-283-1029. 

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