May 1, 2012

Video Evidence of Dunwell Family Threatening & Harassing Alpha, NJ Resident

The State of NJ VS Councilman Craig S. Dunwell
2C:33 4A - Disorderly Persons Offense/Harassment
Councilman Craig S. Dunwell has been harassing his neighbors, the Crouse family, since he moved into his mother's home in 2009. Dunwell has vandalized their property and endangered the Crouse family as well as Alpha residents and their children attending the Crouse family private daycare countless times over the past few years. 

Video of Alpha, NJ's Councilman Craig Stanley Dunwell vandalizing property belonging to the Crouse family, trespassing to cut the Crouse family's hedges, then hitting Heidi Crouse with the cut branches and laughing

Heidi Crouse: "Excuse me, you can't come here."

Video of Alpha, NJ's Councilman Craig Stanley Dunwell and family harassing and threatening Heidi Crouse

Dunwell family laughing and yelling at Heidi Crouse as Craig Dunwell's mother was attempting to hit Heidi Crouse with her car while Heidi stood in the street taping the damage to her property: "Run her over...(laughter)...Hit the...cow!"

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