November 16, 2012

Councilman Craig Dunwell stalks Crouse family 11/16/12

A Phillipsburg police officer questioned Councilman Craig Dunwell on the evening of 11/16/12 regarding his continued harassment of his neighbors.

"Craig Dunwell pulled up to my stone wall in Joan Dunwell's car and looked in my window while twisting a lollypop in his mouth. Then he made an illegal u-turn on Sage Street." - Mrs. Heidi Crouse

Phillipsburg's finest responds to call for assistance at Councilman Craig Dunwell's mother's home
The officer stands in the cold, waiting for Mr. Dunwell to answer the door
After questioning Craig Dunwell the officer spoke with the Crouse family to ask who lives with Mr. Dunwell. Mrs. Heidi Crouse provided the name of Mr. Dunwell's wife, Luda Nazarenko.
On 11/15/12 Councilman Craig Dunwell and Councilman Mike Savary harassed the Crouse family, using lollypops to make obscene gestures.
On 11/12/12 Councilman Craig Dunwell stalked another neighboring family, using Sage alley to sit by the family's mailbox, possibly looking in their bedroom window.
On 9/27/12 Councilman Craig Dunwell trespassed on the family's property to litter, and attempted to touch his neighbor, who was running for town council. Councilman Mike Savary was present during the attack.

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