November 16, 2012

Savary and Dunwell harass Crouse family and possibly abuse town equipment, 11/15/12

Savary brings Dunwell home and eventually they go inside

After their private visit Dunwell and Savary come outside and get in truck

Savary and Dunwell back out and drive to the Crouse residence

Savary and Dunwell lurk at the Crouse family's window, waiting to be seen

On 11/15/12 at 10:35 AM Councilmen Mike Savary and Craig Dunwell drove to the Crouse family residence and sat together in Savary's truck. They stared at the Crouse family window even though the blinds were drawn.
Frustrated by the lack of reaction from the homeowners, Savary beeped the truck's horn several times.
Heidi Crouse's mother looked out the blinds and saw Savary and Dunwell eating lollypops, watching her. The couple licked their lollypops in a strange way, as if to demonstrate a perverted act.
Satisfied that their harassment had been witnessed, they drove off.
Moments later at 10:40 residents saw Councilmen Savary and Dunwell at the Alpha Municipal Complex, still eating their lollypops.
It is said that Councilman Craig Dunwell spends more time at the Alpha Municipal Complex than any other council member.
Before Dunwell's annual trip to Ukraine he was at the Complex at midnight for unknown reasons. Dunwell complained that he found the Complex door unlocked during his visit, bringing attention to his unusual activities.
Why is Councilman Dunwell spending so much time at the Alpha Municipal Complex? Does Dunwell use the official Alpha Borough computers for personal internet surfing?
It is believed that Dunwell has an inexpensive dial-up connection that does not allow for photos to load on his computer at home.
Save Alpha is investigating IP hits from Verizon internet users viewing blog posts about Craig Dunwell's  possibly illegal and unethical actions.
At 10:44 on 11/15/12 a Save Alpha blog manager received several blog hits from IP Address:, Computer ID: e65ab9387ef01d29caf40e994767321c, Browser: Mozilla Firefox 16.0, Operating System: Windows XP, Screen Resolution: 1024x768.

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