April 20, 2013

Did Chris Pfefferle intend to stay on Alpha council indefinitely?

A local blogger is suggesting that Chris Pfefferle may have intended to remain on council indefinitely after having moved away from Alpha, NJ. Perhaps this decision to continue as a council member was in order to assist Mike Savary in some way.

Photo of Alpha councilmen Mike Savary and Chris Pfefferle at the home of councilman Craig Dunwell on 3/19/13
Once Pfefferle moved from Alpha he should not have remained on council.
Save Alpha announces Chris Pfefferle plans to move away from Alpha, NJ
Save Alpha and Alpha NJ, Live tweet regarding Pfefferle's move from Alpha
Residents felt the police contract vote was rushed to include Pfefferle.

It is believed that Chris Pfefferle's vote helped out council buddy, Craig Dunwell, who wanted Phillipsburg Police Department to patrol Alpha instead of the Pohatcong Township Police Department.
Alpha NJ, Live and Save Alpha tweets regarding police contract vote
Residents noticed that information about the police contract vote was not being shared with the public, which infuriated residents who flooded a council meeting to voice their opinions. The Express Times covered this story, expressing Alpha's concerns about the contract negotiations and hopes to keep Pohatcong Township patrolling Alpha as they had provided excellent service for many years.
Councilman Chris Pfefferle lied regarding his intentions. He had promised Alpha that there would be no contract switch, just further negotiations to ensure a lower offer. However the Pohatcong Township Police Department was already prepared to continue patrolling for the lowest possible amount. 
Save Alpha was able to obtain a screen shot of a text message sharing the details of Chris Pfefferle's move to a new location.  Pfefferle then announced his move, resigned and was replaced by Mike Schwar.

If Chris Pfefferle is comfortable to lie about such critical issues, what else was he hiding? Was he helping Savary in some way?
The Express Times: 
October 01, 2011 Alpha wants to renegotiate police contract with Pohatcong Township
December 11, 2011 Pohatcong Township sends Alpha Borough new police contract proposal

January 04, 2012 Alpha officials again fail to approve new police contract with Pohatcong Township

May 23, 2012 Alpha residents favor staying with Pohatcong Township police

August 20, 2012 Alpha council plans vote on Phillipsburg police contract they have yet to see

August 21, 2012  Alpha selects Phillipsburg for police coverage
December 04, 2012 Alpha Councilman Chris Pfefferle announces resignation

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