April 17, 2013

Evidence of Savary & Dunwell's crimes?

In June of 2011 Alpha councilman Mike Savary drove his white truck to Craig Dunwell's mother's driveway to hand a small, white box to councilman Craig Dunwell. Save Alpha posted photos of the event on Flickr accounts.

Shortly after posting the odd photos Craig Dunwell's aunt, Diane R. Hoffman/Diane Dunwell Hoffman, bragged online that she was able to have the Flickr accounts closed by claiming to Flickr that Save Alpha was posting photos of missing children and child porn. The online public threads regarding Hoffman's unethical tampering and harassment of Save Alpha was shared between Hoffman and one of her daughters, Jamiann Regensburger.

In light of the investigation against Mike Savary for embezzlement and fraud it seems important to share evidence of the White Box Hand Off once again.

Save Alpha ensures all photos remain public for the use of law enforcement. It is very possible that photos, descriptions of events and time/date stamps collected by Save Alpha since May of 2011 will come in handy to help prove crimes committed by Craig Dunwell and Mike Savary.

Thank you for your continued support, Alpha. Keep spreading the word about the corruption we are experiencing and it will be resolved.

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